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Putting your people and organization into focus

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The Workforce Builder helps put your people and organization into focus.

The Workforce Builder helps companies hire, train, and retain the right people through innovative, interactive and integrated web based systems. While your employees can take your organization to incredible heights of success, they also present some of the greatest challenges you face every day. The Workforce Builder is a certified adviser with TalentValue, Inc. and is your resource to help identify and solve the people issues you address so you can get back to running your business.

“Managers hire for skill, but fire for behavior”

The success of your workforce comes from the right blend of the tasks (what they do) including the behaviors (how they do it) to become the “secret” sauce that makes your company special. The Workforce Builder specialty is creating custom eLearning Job Descriptions that provide your manager/worker teams with a unique job analysis methodology.  Once the team agrees on how the to do the job flawlessly, the information is packaged as a bundle that includes:

  • a Job Description Summary (for posting quality job ads)
  • a Learning Check List
  • Worker Personal Development Plan
  • eLearning modules. (including video demonstrations)


It works because it…     20016 WTS Logo

  • is simple; involves employees,
  • generates both digital video and hard copy documentation
  • uses award winning Adult Learning and eLearning design
  • is quickly kept current
  • is focused on developing work skills, knowledge and work behaviors.  working-people-2

What’s in a Name?

Naming a company sends a message. Words tell a story. If it makes sense, it crafts a distinctive image.  Your relationship with your customers and reputation as a business is based on the performance of your employees. Your workforce must be assembled  and trained to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

For a company, Your Workforce is “where YOUR rubber meets the road”.