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A note from Peter Brown, The Workforce Builder,
(formerly PQS Training, LLC)

You will notice that the attached letters of reference are regarding me as PQS Training, LLC.  The sole service of PQS Training, LLC was delivering training programs produced using my proprietary process named The WORKER TRAINING System (Now known as eLearning Job Descriptions) .

Starting 1/1/08 I changed my company name to The Workforce Builder and expanded services by becoming a Director with TalentValue International, Inc.


Osram logo

Chemical & Metallurgical Products

PQS Training, LLC has produced several training modules for our company using their system. The following case is a good example of the kind of results we have seen.

When the only worker who knew the intricacies of one of our unique (“Long Lengths”) machine’s operation retired, we expected little difficulty training a new operator.  

Unfortunately, several attempts by the new operator to get the machine up and running failed to efficiently produce a product that met OSRAM’s quality standards. In addition, this problem caused a domino effect of other problems: Delivery time to the customer was missed, rejected parts were excessive which also caused material replenishment and cost problems. We needed a way to document all the tricks and techniques the previous operator had developed, and to do this without investing a lot of resources so we turned to PQS. They interviewed the retiree and developed the content of a training book and video that subsequently was successful in helping get the output of the machine’s operation back to normal.

Later for budget planning, I was assigned the task of conducting an analysis of the effectiveness of using training programs created by PQS proved that work performance in the departments where I oversee training had significantly benefited from using PQS training modules. Reaction from managers and results from the employee survey confirmed that the PQS methodology worked. “It is simple, easy and it is not unusual to overhear an experienced worker viewing a PQS video say, “I sure wish this had been available when I was trained for my job!”

Shirley Grover

Training Coordinator
Refractory Metals


Our company has various customers, such as cellular phone manufacturers, that require that our machine operators be certified. They want to know that the operator is competent. With unrelenting time pressures and the daily demands of a busy plant. Utilizing the PQS Worker Training System to develop top-notch training materials turned out to be a great solution. PQS works directly with the employees who perform the job every day to document the specific steps involved, and meets with managers and safety personnel to fine-tune the process.

The process is excellent and relatively painless for our departments. The manufacturing process gets boiled down to simplicity. Facilitators are not aware of any political climate when they come in, so they are able to keep people on track with a process that is tried and true. The end result is a training package that can be applied with consistency in the training of our machine operators.

Objective measurements are not yet available. However, the evidence is anecdotal. . . Our machine operators come up to speed faster and are more accurate … My business managers are thrilled. One said … “We have finally found someone who gets it!”

Linda King

Parker-Chomerics Education and Development Manager

Conestoga Wood logo

Conestoga Wood purchased an out-of-business weaving mill. 244,000 square foot building and hired 230 new employees … a little better than half of them had no experience. To keep safety in the forefront, we needed a strong orientation and apprenticeship period. The manufacturing company called on PQS Training, LLC for help. The goal was to get the new plant up and running as soon as possible, and reducing the new employees’ learning curve was a key factor. We did not have the luxury of time.

The training modules we created with PQS provide a ‘birds eye view’ of the setup, operation, cleanup, and preventive maintenance of the machines. The new workers are able to approach their freshly learned tasks. with a level of comfort and understanding that far exceeds that of employees trained with more traditional on-the-job methods.

PQS Training, LLC was a critical element in making our new plant profitable (unheard of for a company of our size) in its first year of operation. As it turned out, the workforce’s reaction matched the positive response oftbecompany’s bottom line. They saw that we truly believed in our employees because we invested in providing them the help they needed to learn how to perform their work safely and effectively and with a minimum of the confusion that usually plagues the experience of starting a new job.

The decision to use PQS was the right one. I was very demanding and they did a great job in a very short period of time.”

Roger Stauffer

Training Manager, Conestoga Wood Specialties


Winnebago logo

Winnebago Industries, Inc. expanded manufacturing operations to two new facilities in Charles City, Iowa, roughly 50 miles away from our home facility in Forest City. The company needed a way to pass along work procedures to our new workforces that combined the benefit of experience from methods used in our mature operations in Forest City with the newer production technologies that were installed in the new buildings. Unfortunately, the people who are most skilled at performing a specific job are not usually effective or consistent trainers.

Winnebago Industries, Inc. partnered with North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) to find a solution. PQS Training, LLC was subcontracted by NIACC to produce training modules that would blend the benefits of the old and new approaches to manufacturing various components of a motor home. Winnebago Industries, Inc. found the repetition PQS uses in training employees to be very effective. We liked the systematic approach offered through the printed training book and the video. PQS training booklets have a standard page format which includes a title and description of the job, a step-by-step detail of the tasks required; and a discussion of the safety concerns, quality issues, and communication tools needed for that job. Each job is defined in a one-page format, so it is easy to see the job requirements and issues at a glance. According to Zeke Ogden, Production Supervisor of the Winnebago® Hardwood facility in Charles City, “The employee orientation program developed with PQS has trained employees on the key aspects of the cabinet-building plant. We were able to get in-depth on the processes, equipment, and sat(~ty issues we need to train new employees on, where other orientation training products were not as effective.

Now Winnebago Industries, Inc. is building another new production facility in Charles City and when the time comes, we will give serious consideration to including PQS in our efforts to create an effective training process for our newest workforce.

Jim Larson

Corporate Training Supervisor

NTC Logo

I am a small business owner and after expanding my business from home and office cleaning services to include yacht detailing, I experienced a great response from a number of Rhode Island boat yards to contract our services. When that happened I was confronted with a need to
hire more staff. Predictably, my time was being stretched between servicing contracts and training my new and future employees how to perform boat detailing procedures to the standard that our customers require. Important issues in addition to the tasks to perform included:

  •        How to handle hazardous cleaning products not only for work safety but also to prevent
          damage to boat finishes, materials and to follow environmentally sound disposal
  •         How to communicate if there is anything that I, the boatyard foreman or the boat owner
         should be informed of.

 Peter Brown helped me through the process of thinking of and documenting everything my workers needed to learn to be able to perform their job effectively.  After the details were documented, a video presentation with both live and still pictures was produced into an easy to understand video presentation with a training workbook. These training tools have helped me bring my new hires up to speed very
quickly while requiring much less of my one-on-one time. I am very pleased with the results.

Wanda DiPaolo


Li'l Red Hen logo

Li’l Red Hen is a small mini-mart chain and like many companies in our industry struggles with turnover and inconsistent performance among Associates at different locations.  Much of my Supervisors’ time is filled with trying to answer questions of new hires while they are trying to respond to their customers’ needs.  Naturally this impacts the quality of our service and the morale of both the Supervisors and the Associates.

“eLearning Job Descriptions”  has turned out to be a faster, more economical, comprehensive and consistent approach to improving work knowledge and standardizing procedures.  This has been reflected in the morale and performance of our employees and the guest experience for our customers at multiple locations and is reducing turnover.

Stephen Van Dyne  


Precix logo

Our company needed to make a dramatic change in its operating philosophy. For decades our core business has been the manufacture of custom precision molded rubber components used in large part by the automotive industry. Over time with the globalization of automotive markets and the
intense competition for business coming from overseas, the profitability in this business evaporated. A business decision was made to refocus our resources on the manufacturing of precision, high performing o-rings, seal rings and custom elastomer solutions for the automotive; aerospace and chemical processing industries. This decision resulted in a major downsizing of our workforce and the reassigning of long-
term employees to brand new job assignments.

The company was facing a major retraining initiative to get people up-to-speed on their new jobs as quickly as possible. We had to depend on individuals who we knew were very good at their jobs to train other employees in their new work duties and techniques on equipment different than they were used to. Even though the designated trainers were good workers, they were inexperienced at training others; and it was imperative that theyall learn to be effective and consistent at retraining co-workers. We contracted PQS Training, LLC to help us create an effective training process and then convert this process into a Train-the-trainer multimedia training module specific to our operation. The module would be used to train current and future trainers on how to train an individual to perform a specific job. We wanted to be sure the training experience would be consistent for everyone learning a new job.

It has been about a year, and we can finally evaluate and say that the results have been very satisfactory. Our trainers have done a superb job of retooling our workforce, and we can see that the investment made to create our Train-the-trainer module has delivered a valuable return.

Robert J. Andreoni
Director, Human Resources Department

gilbane logo

Peter Brown contracted at Gilbane in 2005 as an instructional designer. He was part of a small team and brought experienced perspective to the group. Peter was affable and cooperative.

Peter’s main strengths were his understanding of quality tools and his internet research skills. This proved valuable when analyzing the areas of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction as the basis of a program called “Managing the Client Experience”. He organized the mounds of data through a Pareto
chart, allowing us to understand the findings. He also collaborated with our Client Satisfaction Manager and gave her tips and techniques that she conveyed to our managers. In addition, Peter created timelines for his work and kept me informed of his milestones.

Peter, through his private company, has developed multimedia training modules for all types of work assignments. He is versatile and experienced, and made a valuable contribution to this project.

Diane L. Fasching

Vice President, Enterprise Learning & Development